Why Diemo?

Our Culture & Passion

We are passionate machinists and fabricators who are committed to constantly improving our business and craft by embracing ever-evolving procedures, technology, and lean manufacturing techniques, in order to serve our customers better. We recognize that we are interconnected with our corporate clients and understand that it is only through their success that we will remain successful.

“Our continuous improvement process guarantees quality for you.”

Our Commitment To Continuous Improvement


In addition to using the latest in machining technology, we also employ programs and systems that regulate our record keeping and measuring equipment including:

  • ERP system with comprehensive planning capabilities
  • Production Planning Interface Terminals on shop floor
  • Detailed Priority Lists for New Project Implementation
  • Work Order Travelers with Routings & Quality Control Sheets


We have implemented a continuous action program, including quality circles, a preventive action mindset, and solid procedures for corrective actions.We also have an excellent calibration program in place. Our tooling is on a standardized calibration schedule with Industrial Technology Centre in Winnipeg, a fully accredited Class 1 lab (certified to both Calibration Laboratory Assessment Service and Standards Council of Canada).


Diemo Machine is committed to our employees’ well-being and safety through intense focus on maintaining a culture of responsibility and safety. Our objective is zero harm to our people and our environment. We believe that safety is everyone’s responsibility and our objective is to have our employees return home to their loved ones at the end of each day, in good health.